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Do you need an asphalt paving company in New Hope, Newtown, or Chalfont? Whether you need commercial or residential asphalt paving, driveway sealing, or resurfacing, local paving and concrete is the company for you! We are a trusted paving contractor providing high-quality service across Bucks County, PA.

Our team has over 25 years of experience in the industry. With our help, your Bucks County, PA, facility can get the asphalt paving that it needs for a stronger and longer-lasting driveway, parking lot, or other paving projects. We work hard to ensure that your job gets done as affordably and efficiently as possible. Our professionals are fully equipped to handle home projects as well as larger, commercial-grade paving jobs.


No matter where you live in Bucks County, PA, our team will provide top-notch asphalt paving to your home or business.  We serve towns across the county, including:

  • New Hope
  • Newtown
  • Chalfont
  • And more!

Our goal is to produce long-lasting projects that meet all your needs. We not only provide high-quality installation but offer our expertise in maintenance and repairs. local paving and concrete contractors perform patch repairs on common damage types, fill in and repair holes, and even provide sealcoating services. Driveway sealing offers a strong protective layer to your asphalt that protects it from UV rays, cold weather, excessive rain, and other damages. With this service and proper maintenance, you can keep your driveway looking and performing its best for years to come.


If you need an asphalt paving professional that can serve Bucks County, PA, with commercial, residential, and resurfacing services, local paving and concrete is here for you! Our team of professionals is always ready to work with new customers and can provide hands-on care for leading paving in Philadelphia or across Bucks County.

Call us at 215-390-0048 to learn more about our many paving services and schedule an estimate. We’re ready to help you better understand your pavement options and will do what we can to ensure that you get the strong and long-lasting surface you need!


You may not realize how much abuse your driveway takes daily. Even UV rays from the sun can break down your driveway materials, and that can lead to gaping holes in your pavement. Eventually, the rain will fill these gaps and this will cause larger cracks to form, as well as bigger holes.

When you apply a seal coat to your driveway, you are undoubtedly extending its life. Concrete contractors report that the sealer keeps dust, debris, oil, and water from permeating the material, preventing damage from forming. And, while you can apply a sealant to concrete, tar, and brick driveways, it has the most impact on asphalt driveways, according to paving contractors, because it preserves the material well.

In conclusion, driveway sealing is a critical, yet messy job. So, instead of going through the motions yourself, why not hire local experts, such as concrete contractors, to get it done for you efficiently and professionally? At local paving and concrete, we would be more than happy to take care of all of your driveway sealing services for you. And, as your go-to driveway paving contractors in Bucks County, PA, you can give us a call anytime to schedule an appointment.


Achieving resilient, smooth, and stylish asphalt paving requires excellent planning and organized service. Our concrete contractors deliver both, providing individualized project design and strategic driveway paving for cleaner edges, smoother surfaces, and incredible durability.

In harmony with our detail-oriented driveway paving improvements, our Bucks County, PA concrete contractors are prepared for more project types. For example, above and beyond your average driveway paving in Doylestown, PA, we can enhance your entryway with beautiful brickwork, innovative curvature, and any other asphalt paving features you would like to accentuate your welcoming entry.

You can also take advantage of our experienced paving contractors for guidance with walkways, patio improvements, and other niche surface care needs. For instance, popular services we provide in New Hope, Chalfont, and Newtown, PA are:

  • Entryway design planning for new property builds and renovations.
  • Professional seal coating to prevent many forms of surface damage.
  • Affordable crack repairs to prevent premature surface replacement.
  • Honest advice; tell our team about your surface concerns or needs and receive factual recommendations every time.


Our asphalt driveway and parking lot installations begin and end with organized precision. Starting with open-ended design guidance, we’ll help you outline a desired style and compare various material options for specialty paving needs such as paving on a hill, long-term vehicle storage, or heavy-duty use. After determining which concrete or asphalt blend will provide the best stability and longevity for your property in New Hope, Newtown, Chalfont, or other Bucks County, PA towns, here’s how we manage paving projects with proficiency.

Our contractors prepare the subsurface by measuring the site, clearing debris and growth, and compacting the area to ensure proper load-bearing capacity. If the existing surface’s stability is insufficient, an initial layer of base course material is added to support the foundation. For even stronger paving projects, another intermediate layer of asphalt aggregate can be applied to further strengthen the total load-bearing capacity.

The hot asphalt is delivered by truck to your Bucks County, PA location and distributed evenly across the prepared surface. Since asphalt must be installed while still hot, we immediately begin the compaction and surface finishing steps that same day.

With heavy equipment like rollers and motorized compactors, we remove air pockets and ensure a consistent asphalt density. With finishing steps like surface grading and edge shaping, we promote proper drainage, a tailored contour, and gap-free sections between curbs and the street.

After the base layers have cooled and set, the final asphalt surface course is applied. This final layer of asphalt is smoother, providing a skid-resistant and visually impressive finish. Once this final layer of asphalt cools, our contractors can apply vivid asphalt striping and concrete painting services to complete your built-to-last update in Chalfont or Newtown, PA.


After upgrading your driveway with our smoother asphalt installations, consider a custom concrete update to complete your outdoor improvement. Our concrete specialists in Bucks County, PA offer:

  • Accessible & Luxurious Entryway Designs: We build beautiful walkways and porches to match any exterior aesthetic. We can integrate welcoming stairways, help you build a safe ramp, or enrich the overall pathway by combining the modern look of concrete with custom brick pavers of your choice.
  • Multipurpose Patio & Deck Installations: Hosting patio parties is better with an inviting concrete theme. Our creative contractors can shape the concrete to match any innovative aspirations you have. Just like our custom walkways, we can mix and match our concrete upgrades with custom pavers and stones for a breathtaking patio design that offers timeless style and functionality.
  • & Support For Many Other Paving Goals: From tennis court design and installation, to like-new concrete driveway repair, our professionals power every concrete project with affordable materials, friendly service, and organized project management.

If you would like to learn more about our built-to-last concrete services, our professional recommendations and design guidance are always free.

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