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The home marketplace is competitive, the majority of interest and viewing goes to homes with the best curb appeal. If you are a real estate professional, you understand that homes generating the most interest translate to possible offers. Curb appeal and its importance cannot be stressed enough as a crucial element involved in selling a home.

Curb Appeal Increases the Value of Property

According to three to five percent of Consumer Reports, when selling a home, an attractive curb appearance adds to its value. Even when the real estate agent gets a prospective homebuyer to the door of a home for sale, there is a chance the exterior’s appearance doesn’t match the interior.

How the Selling Price is Affected by Curb Appeal

When you improve the appearance of your home’s exterior, you advance its value, aiding in a faster sale. Typically homes are given an appraisal based solely on the condition of the interior, and features. These elements make it hard for mortgage companies to quote how much curb appeal actually increases the value.

An Attractive Driveway is a Good Start

People that drive up to your home first notice the driveway. If your driveway is in poor condition a potential homebuyer might get the impression the home is also neglected. Local Paving & Concrete does driveway paving in Willow Grove, PA to ensure your driveway gives a great first impression.

The professional paving contractors at Local Paving & Concrete take a comprehensive approach to each of our paving projects. Meaning we take care from start to finish, using the finest materials available, whether it’s a repair or a new project. Our contractors understand the importance quality materials have on getting you the greatest return when selling your home. In addition, quality materials also ensure the life of a paving or driveway project.

Contact Us For All Your Paving Needs

Whether you are selling your home, or just want to improve its curb appearance you want the best. Therefore, you need to call our paving contractors in King of Prussia, PA. Our contractors put on crack sealant to avert any erosion, which gives added life to a parking lot or driveway. At Local Paving & Concrete, we do more than just improve a home’s curb appearance. We also can enhance the appearance of your office building with a new or repaired driveway. If you believe it’s time to give your home or business a new appearance, give us a call for a quote. We look forward to increasing your home’s value with greater curb appeal!

JUNE 12, 2023

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