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Many homeowners in Pennsylvania should replace their asphalt driveways about every 20 years. Regular maintenance and repair can keep driveways in good condition and extend their lifespan past 20 years, though. If you’re wondering whether your driveway needs repair, here are a few top signs we notice here at Local Paving & Concrete.

Safety Risks

If your driveway poses tripping risks or other safety hazards, it is time for a repair or replacement. Driveway paving in Bryn Athyn, PA, can keep you, your loved ones, and your vehicles safe.

Safety risks aside, if you’re simply unhappy with how your driveway looks, that is a perfectly good reason to discuss repair. A landscape that looks good does wonders for people’s mood and morale. No one wants to see unsightly potholes and cracks every day!

Alligator Cracks

An alligator’s back is scaly, and driveways should not resemble it. However, if your driveway develops alligator cracking (also called crocodile cracking), it needs repair. If the cracking is severe, repaving may be needed.

Ideally, you would get in touch with a company doing asphalt paving in Lower Gwynedd Township, PA, as soon as cracks begin to appear. It’s best not to wait until the cracking escalates. Cracks are progressive and get worse the more time you leave them untreated.

Standing Water

Water on your driveway should drain, not gather in puddles or pools. Standing water indicates a driveway with drainage and/or warping issues.


Potholes indicate a driveway that has a deteriorating foundation. If you leave potholes alone, they are likely to get even bigger and cause worse and more expensive repairs.

A major cause of potholes is frost heaving. It occurs when water under the driveway freezes and expands toward the surface.

Lack of Sealcoating and Resealing

Sealcoating helps protect the function and appearance of a driveway. If yours was not sealed, it is especially vulnerable and may need repair sooner rather than later. Ideally, asphalt driveways undergo resealing every three years.

Extra Heavy Objects on Your Driveway

If you’ve done renovation work to your house, your driveway may have had construction trucks, multiple vehicles, dumpsters, and other atypically heavy items on it. Their weight can weaken the driveway’s foundation and cause more cracking and pothole issues.


The sun’s rays and general weatherization elements can cause driveway discoloration. The issue usually affects more than how your driveway looks, though. A discolored driveway is typically a weaker one that is more vulnerable to cracks, potholes, and ice heaving.

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MARCH 3, 2023

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