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There’s nothing worse than noticing scuffs and scrapes on a flawlessly applied asphalt surface. At Local Paving & Concrete, our job is to provide our customers with the best possible service, which includes teaching you how to care for your asphalt. After an expert installation, there are a few things you can do to preserve your asphalt and prevent unsightly tire scuffing.

Give It Time To Cure

After an asphalt installation, it’s imperative that you give the surface enough time to cure. This means keeping footprints, vehicles, and anything else off of the asphalt until it’s entirely hardened. Our team will block off the area and provide a recommended cure time.

Temperature Damage

Asphalt is made up of many materials and chemicals that can break down under pressure or unfavorable weather conditions. High temperatures can greatly impact your asphalt. In the heat, your asphalt driveway or parking lot will get soft and malleable, giving way to a higher chance of damage. You can protect your asphalt paving in Chestnut Hill, PA, by spraying it down with cool water during extreme temperatures. This will help cool down and re-harden the surface so it’s less impressionable.

Keep Excessive Weight Off

For the first 6-12 months after your asphalt installation, try to keep vehicles of excessive weight off of the surface. Scuffing can be caused by vehicles with large, heavy tires so it’s best to keep them off of the surface for as long as possible.

We Do More than Repair Your Driveway

The most proficient paving in Cheltenham, PA contractors are located at Local Paving & Concrete. Our professional pavers are willing, ready, and able to handle any job. Whether the job is big or small, we can do it right. We are open for consultations, quotes, and estimates. We can lay down flawless asphalt on your driveway or commercial parking lot, and offer you additional tips for protecting it for years to come. Whatever type of repair or service you need within our specialty, we can provide it.

We have been serving PA and the local areas for decades. Our commitment to customer excellence helps us to maintain a good client-customer relationship with our customers. Contact us today for more information!

JUNE 12, 2023

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