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Although you might be more familiar with asphalt or concrete, tar & chip is a popular method for driveway paving in Lansdale, PA. Also known as chip-and-seal or macadam, this kind of paving smooths bumpy gravel to create a beautiful textured surface custom to your design preferences!

Tar and chip paving gives homeowners the look of asphalt with a bit less effort and lower cost. Generally less expensive than other types of paving, the price of tar & chip paving depends on the size of the area you want to have paved. The process starts with a base of gravel that is laid in the driveway area. This is going to help provide drainage and a base for the asphalt. The next step of the process is going to be putting down the liquid asphalt, which sets in place as it cools. Before it cools entirely, rocks or stones are placed on the asphalt and are then rolled into it to stay in place. With this method of paving you can use any finishing stones that you want and to make a truly unique and beautiful surface. Popular stone colors include gray, beige, and even orange!

This type of driveway paving can last up to 10 years with proper maintenance. It can be installed on top of existing pavement if it’s in good condition, but requires professional equipment and expertise. Typically, the process takes about a day to complete and you can park on the driveway and use it again within a couple of days. It’s often the recommended paving for longer driveways or paths because it is less expensive than other types.

Tar & chip paving works well in areas that experience cold, snowy winters because of its rough surface texture. It’s less slippery in rain and snow than asphalt and concrete. Unlike asphalt, tar & chip paving doesn’t need to be repeatedly sealed, and cracks often heal themselves. It gives a naturally rustic appearance that compliments more rural properties.

Find Out If Tar & Chip Paving Can Work For You

Contacting driveway pavers in Philadelphia will give you a better sense of whether or not tar & chip paving is right for your property. At Local Paving & Concrete, we professionally install tar & chip paving across the Greater Philadelphia area with extreme precision and expertise. We can also tell you about the local driveway paving regulations, and provide a comprehensive estimate for the project. Contact us today for more information on whether or not this type of paving is right for you!

NOVEMBER 10, 2022

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